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2009: Chapter 10 Race & Ethnicity

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MULTIPLE CHOICE.  Choose the one alternative that best completes the statement or answers the question.
1) The Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo 
A) provided for massive annexation of Mexican lands.
B) guaranteed the property rights of Mexican Americans.
C) extended citizenship to Mexican Americans.
D) all of these
2) Braceros are 
A) illegal immigrants. B) legal immigrants.
C) assimilated laborers. D) contracted laborers.
3) In a 1998 referendum, only 3% of Puerto Ricans favored
A) statehood.
B) continued commonwealth status.
C) independence.
D) a return to colonial status.
4) The term La Raza is used to connote pride in
A) the White race.
B) a pluralistic Spanish, Indian, and Mexican heritage.
C) Puerto Rican culture.
D) the literature of Navajo Indians.
5) What is the term for contracted laborers brought to the United States from Mexico after the Depression?
A) braceros    B) wetbacks     C) La Raza     D) mojados
6) Blanco, moreno, and prieto are all 
A) political divisions of Puerto Rico.
B) Puerto Rican snack foods.
C) racial distinctions used in Puerto Rico.
D) radical nationalist groups.
7) Curanderismo refers to 
A) godparent-godchild relationship.
B) a form of holistic health care and healing.
C) feminist views by Mexican American women.
D) illegal immigrants from Mexico.
8) Mojado means
A) legal immigrant.    B) "wetback."    C) citizen.     D) contracted laboror.
9) Chavez's labor union efforts have had the lasting effect of
A) improved working conditions for agricultural workers.
B) increased awareness of the plight of migrant workers.
C) migrant workers developing a sense of solidarity.
D) all of these
10) The notion that Puerto Rico provides natural resources and labor whereas the U.S. controls the wealth is an example of what theoretical perspective?
A) functionalism    B) conflict theory    C) world systems theory    D) color gradient
11) The 1930s program of deporting Mexicans was called 
A) assimilation.    B) repatriation.    C) Operation Wetback.    D) the Braceros Program.
12) Neoricans are 
A) Puerto Rican refugees in the U.S.
B) Puerto Ricans who return from the U.S. to live in Puerto Rico.
C) Puerto Ricans who refuse U.S. citizenship.
D) Puerto Ricans who live in Europe. 

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