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2009: Chapter 17 Race & Ethnicity

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MULTIPLE CHOICE.  Choose the one alternative that best completes the statement or answers the question.
1) Research shows that older people who have positive perceptions of aging live ________ those who have negative perceptions.
A) an average of 2 years longer than     B) an average of 7.5 years longer than
C) to approximately the same age as      D) an average of 2 years less than
2) The Americans with Disabilities Act
A) prohibits bias in transportation against people with disabilities.
B) requires all businesses to reserve employment for the disabled.
C) established a legal definition for the term "disability."
D) exempts commercial establishments from providing accessibility to the disabled.
3) In 2004, the percentage of the public that felt that homosexual relations should be legal was 
A) 89%.    B) 56%     C) 15%    D) less than 1%
4) The Age Discrimination in Employment Act was passed to protect
A) young workers with little experience entering the labor market.
B) workers over 55 from wage discrimination.
C) confidentiality of age records.
D) workers 40 years of age or older from being fired.
5) Older Blacks and Hispanics tend to rely more on which of the following?
A) family members    B) friends     C) informal social networks    D) all of these
6) The 2002 Senate Special Committee on Aging 
A) criticized the media for stereotyping the elderly.
B) demanded an investigation into elder abuse in retirement homes.
C) called for an end to employment discrimination against older workers.
D) all of these
7) Most people with disabilities
A) are otherwise healthy.
B) do not believe they could work, even with reasonable accommodations.
C) are employed.
D) have not always been disabled.
8) The Defense of Marriage Act of 1996
A) denied federal recognition of same-sex marriages.
B) supported federal recognition of same-sex marriages
C) was immensely unpopular with the public.
D) established domestic partnership benefits.
9) One crucial difference between the elderly and other subordinate or minority groups is that 
A) the elderly do not experience unequal treatment.
B) the elderly have a weak sense of group solidarity.
C) older people are likely to marry people of different ages.
D) all who live long enough will have the ascribed status of being an older person.
10) The term transgendered refers to 
A) crossdressers.
B) people who want to get sex change operations.
C) people attracted to both sexes. 
D) people whose self-identified gender doesn’t match their assigned sex.
11) Gay activism first became a social movement immediately following
 A) the Stonewall Riots.     B) Matthew Shepard's murder.     C) Harvey Milk’s murder.   D) the AIDS epidemic.
12) Prejudice and discrimination against the elderly is termed
A) ableism.    B) ageism.     C) elder abuse.    D) senior bashing.

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